A personal finance tool designed to help balance and reconcile your accounts


Balance Your Accounts

olubalance functions as a web-based replacement for balancing your accounts. Older generations refer to this as "balancing your checkbook". olubalance brings this concept to the modern age with a responsive mobile interface, the ability to attach receipts and statements to your accounts and transactions, and more!


Always Know Your $

Take control of your finances by always knowing your current balance. Online banking can leave you with surprises such as charges that are processed days after-the-fact. By using olubalance to track your spending, you will always know how much money you have and can avoid overdraft fees from those pesky unprocessed charges.


You Have Control

Other personal finance tools require providing your bank account logins to a third party in order to sync your transactions. With olubalance, we are trying to solve a different problem, and that is to NOT rely on the data from your financial institutions. You have complete control to enter your transactions as you would write them in a check register.